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About us


Welcome to Picture.lk, your destination for free high-quality stock photos. Our mission is to provide creatives with a diverse selection of images that can be freely used for personal and commercial projects.Picture.lk is a Sri-Lankan based photo library with over a thousand free photos to download.Our website operates in a manner that is identical to that of Unsplash.com, pixabay.com, and pexels.com, all of which enable users to download high-quality photographs at no cost

At Picture.lk, we believe that great visuals are an essential part of any project. Whether you're working on a website, blog, or marketing campaign, our free stock photos can help bring your ideas to life.
All of our images are licensed under Creative Commons Zero, which means that you are able to use them for any purpose without attribution. This means that you can use our photos in your commercial projects without worrying about copyright issues.

Our team is dedicated to curating a selection of stunning images that cover a wide range of subjects and styles. We have something for everyone, from nature and landscapes to architecture and cityscapes.
We are constantly updating our collection with new photos, so be sure to check back our website Picture.lk often to see what's new.

The photographs displayed on this website were all taken by a single photographer.In my work, I have utilized real-world objects and scenes rather than computer-generated ones.On the other hand, only I am able to post pictures on my website because it only contains samples of my photography.

Thank you for choosing Picture.lk for your free stock photo needs. We hope that our images will inspire and enhance your creative projects.

About the Founder


I am Chatura Anuradha Subasinghe, 28 years old and a native of Sri Lanka.Currently, work in the business and entrepreneurial fields.Since I purchased my first computer in 2012, I have been exploring various computer skills such as website and blog creation as well as writing blog posts.Traveling and taking pictures are two of my biggest interests.In addition, various national awards have been bestowed upon me in recognition of my contributions to the development of Sri Lanka's tourism business.I developed this website to give free versions of my photographs since I have developed passion for photography and a strong desire to assist others. I use a Canon 70D camera for my photo shoots.I am passionate on providing valuable resources for frewhiche can be a great way to help others to succeed and make a positive impact.

Our Mission


I intend to make the photographs available to anyone globally for use in their personal or professional endeavors.Not only to create products, designs, stories, websites, programs, and apps but also forpeople responsible for producing everything else in the world. 

Design is not just about creating physical objects or digital products but also about inspiring others and driving innovation. Good design can spark ideas, challenge assumptions, and push the boundaries of what is possible. By empowering creators, we can help to unleash their full potential and inspire them to create even more innovative and impactful designs. This can lead to a ripple effect, where others are inspired by these creations and motivated to create even more groundbreaking designs of their own.

I strongly believe that empowering creators is important for the design community and the world as a whole. Creativity and innovation are crucial for driving progress and solving complex problems, and designers contribute a key role in this process. By supporting and empowering creators, we can foster a more vibrant and dynamic design community and help to drive positive change in the world.